Dear friends, visitors, and partners:

In my capacity as Executive Director of the association FTM Gentlemen Brave of Heart / Valientes de Corazón promoting coexistence and cooperation in Ecuador, I wish to share with you the topics we’ll be focusing on, as we aim to continue the efforts implemented by my predecessors in the fight for the recognition of Human Rights of the LGBTI population, to help lay the foundation for responsible, integrated, transparent and committed work toward the integration of all sectors in decision-making spaces.

Over the last few months, a series of measures have been implemented that have driven positive responses to our work in Ecuador (FTM GENTLEMEN BRAVE OF HEART / Valientes de Corazón), through our executive management, assembly, team and volunteers, and to the many national and international challenges we face in various areas. One way to materialize and channel these initiatives has been the definition and implementation of our new Strategic Plan (2019-2022) that guides and outlines the course of our work within five thematic axes, in order to guarantee the task is carried out by all actors—Civil Society Organizations (CSO), international organizations and key actors for (FTM GENTLEMEN BRAVE OF HEART / Valientes de Corazón), as well as governments and civil society in general.

With this platform—which implies a systemic vision—we seek to achieve a greater articulation and coordination of the actions of the different strategies embodied in our strategic plan, as well as the strengthening of relations with CSOs, donors and the government to project and position our Human Rights work even further. In conjunction with the nations that support us, we intend to specify areas of common interest, establish more mechanisms of political dialogue that allow for increasingly effective assertive decision making and cooperation in order to streamline and enhance projects that are instituted under our management.

One of the most important challenges still facing (FTM GENTLEMEN BRAVE OF HEART / Valientes de Corazón), and for which we will continue to fight, is achieving greater rapprochement, openness and participation in the social, economic and private sectors of the country, which enable an appropriation of the intersectoral process and allow it to transcend the governmental and religious spheres; in such a way as to make Ecuador a country of reference, guaranteeing our ability to take an irreversible and profound step towards the recognition of Human Rights for all.

Finally, I believe it is necessary to strengthen fraternity among our organizations, promote the achievement of joint goals, resolve challenges together, and thus contribute to a promising future for all. Integration must be coherent amongst all groups with a shared historical past, interrelated cultures and aspirations for economic, social and cultural development, all of which serve to ensure that Ecuador has a more prominent and influential participation in the international landscape.