Do you want to join us?

In order to become a partner and/or active member you must be aligned with our cause, identify yourself with the group to achieve collective changes, and communicate with the team so that your application can be evaluated.

Please review the following points:

  • Read, review and understand the content of our Mission, vision and the statutes;
  • Read and respect the Statutes and policies of Valientes de Corazón, including the privacy policies;
  • Receive information about the mission, services, policies and programs of Valientes de Corazón;
  • Regularly attend at least 2 of the 4 planned monthly meetings;
  • Attend functions and special events as appropriate to your position on the board and comply with marketing and extension purposes;
  • Take the initiative and offer to lead certain tasks, as necessary;
  • Read other board members’ reports before all board and committee meetings and help in other ways to make board meetings efficient and productive;
  • Help the board carry out its fiduciary responsibilities by ensuring that the organization is managed in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • Attend trainings and events – or review online articles and resources – on the duties and responsibilities of nonprofit board members, and share information with the board in general to ensure that Valientes de Corazón meets its state and federal obligations to maintain its nonprofit status;
  • Suggest possible candidates to the board that can make significant contributions to the board and the organization’s work;
  • Contribute in some way, financially or through time and talent, to fundraising efforts and the overall development and sustainability of Valientes de Corazón;
  • Promote the organization and its mission, particularly in LGBTQ or intersectional spaces.

In addition to the above, you will help us to keep the association active so we can continue helping one another.

Are you new?

Maybe you’re not sure how you feel and you want to know what the next steps look like. If so, we recommend that you attend our meetings so that we can inform you and so that you can meet more people like you. Let us know any questions you may have in advance so that we can dedicate the proper time to  answering them—send us an email at

Do you want to volunteer?

To volunteer the only prerequisite you need is an eagerness to help—remember that any help is appreciated, and contributions to the work of the group will always be well received.

When volunteering at Valientes de Corazón, you take an active role in bringing about meaningful and lasting change to your community.

If you want to share a passion, develop a skill or just meet new friends, consider donating your time with Valientes de Corazón. You will join people who are positively impacting the LGBTQ community. We have opportunities for everyone to participate, regardless of where you may live or how much time you have to give.

Our meetings are open to anyone who want to attend and you can feel free to participate in anything you want. We recommend that you contact us in advance to make sure the meetings can run as smoothly as possible.

Time commitment

Depending on the time of year, board members can expect to spend an average of 8-20 hours a month preparing for programs and services, attending regularly scheduled meetings (online through Google Hangouts or a conference call) or helping the mission of Bravehearted.