Asociación FTM Gentlemen Brave of Heart – Valientes de Corazón


The national association FTM Gentlemen Brave of Heart – Valientes de Corazón—is a feminist NGO, founded in October 2015 in the city of Guayaquil that looks to identify the specific social problems faced by trans people. FTM Gentlemen Brave of Heart – Valientes de Corazón was founded as an organization to defend the human rights of individuals whose gender identity or expression differs from the gender they were assigned at birth. Some of these people identify as male or female; while others identify as gender non-conforming. These gender identities and expressions include trans women and trans men, among others. The organization is currently led by trans men, as throughout Ecuadorian history there has been little to no defense of trans rights, and as a result of this invisibility we’ve suffered from discrimination, exclusion and human rights violations.

Through the formation of a national association, we have established solid organizational bases that allow us to advance our goals of commited transgender militancy in the development of affirmative actions that protect and promote the Human Rights of trans people in Ecuador.